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e·mer·gen·cy /əˈmərjənsē/

I sat this month staring at a blank page. This page. The glaring white bouncing back, vibrating in rhythm to the buzzing in my brain so full of thoughts that I struggled to decide what to say to you all this month. What fabulous insight could I provide to inspire you to rise up and rise above? How do I pick from such a numbing excess of reasons to rail and rally?

We could start, I suppose with all of the damage caused by Trump’s $1.2 billion dollar shutdown that still continues to impact contractors who will never recoup their loss pay. That number comes from Politifact who also points out that doesn’t include the lost taxes on the lost revenue; equating to somewhere between $8 million and $15 million for every hour of the shutdown adding another $280 to $525 million to the cost. But the real emergency is at the border right?

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I Stand For Democracy

This month I yield the page with limited commentary to the words of a young student in an essay I came across recently.

Democracy! It is a strong word “Democracy”, for it gets into the blood. At first it is only a puff of wind and then it becomes a strong gala. It blew through the crooked streets of Boston, through the farmlands of Pennsylvania and through the rolling hills of Virginia. It is tapped out on the drums where men march and drill in secret, “Come all ye sons of liberty, and unite like free born men.” It is like a tide rising and a wind blowing and a drum tapping – tapping out the years that are past and the years to come. Democracy! We will stand for democracy!

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Benefit of voting in the Texas primary

Voting in primaries are very low compared to voting in the General Election. Many voters do not see a reason to vote because they mainly focus on the Presidential ballot. Since many voters have decided to vote for the nominee  of the party, they do not see a reason to vote. There are many benefits to voting in the primary besides choosing between candidates.

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