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February Newsletter

Let's be honest - I have started this newsletter several times, and I have no idea what to write about the last few weeks. Like you, I have been disheartened and angered by much of the administration's actions. Yet, I have been inspired and awestruck by the rise of the Resistance - for I guess, that is what we are - the marches being only the beginning as we challenged our representatives at town halls, on the phone, and good ole fashion mail. Some battles were lost, but we also had our victories! As we work towards our 2018 victory, we must be strategic on two fronts - the Resistance and the Bench.

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Donald Trump's hands, Mitt Romney, Little Marco, Healer Cruz, and Cool Kasich

As a democrat I didn't know if I should have been excited or scared watching last night's debate. Once again it was a slugfest between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. The insults were flying and Trump was countering pretty good. Over all I would say that even though Rubio and Cruz landed punches, Trump won the debate.

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Election 2016 Calendar - March

March started with a bang. Super Tuesday had big winners with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominating their respective races. March has just begun and those candidate that are trailing do have chances to catch up and narrow the gap. I have provided a Calendar separating Democrats and Republicans so it will be easier to track. 

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Hillary Clinton wins big on Super Tuesday while Donald Trump scares Republicans

Hillary Clinton was the big winner on the Democratic side winning Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Arkansas. Bernie Sanders won Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Vermont. Donald Trump was the big winner on the Republican side winning Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alabama, and Arkansas. Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas, Alaska and Oklahoma. Marco Rubio won Minnesota.

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The week leading to the Texas Primary

A summary of what happened leading up to Super Tuesday.

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Benefit of voting in the Texas primary

Voting in primaries are very low compared to voting in the General Election. Many voters do not see a reason to vote because they mainly focus on the Presidential ballot. Since many voters have decided to vote for the nominee  of the party, they do not see a reason to vote. There are many benefits to voting in the primary besides choosing between candidates.

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Hillary Clinton looking to build momentum while Bernie Sanders looks ahead to Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in South Carolina hoping to solidify a win that the polls show will be a very big win. Bernie Sanders on the other hand was in Oklahoma and Missouri today, looking past South Carolina to Super Tuesday states.

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Donald Trump wins Nevada in Republican Caucus Democrats look to South Carolina for Match between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

There was no democratic primary on Tuesday night, instead the Republicans held a caucus in Nevada. As expected Donald Trump won by an even wider margin. Marco Rubio seems to coming in second and Ted Cruz came in third place. Republicans will continue to dominate the political news with a debate on Thursday February 25. After which, the democrats will come in focus with the South Carolina Primary on Saturday February 27. 

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Voting: make your voice heard.

We Democrats need to get these voting numbers up closer to the 2008 level! Voter participation will be crucial -- in the Primary, and especially in the general election. Many thanks to those who are warriors in the GOTV effort: volunteering to register voters; participating in phone banks to motivate voters, answer questions about when, where, & how to vote, and remind people to send in their mail ballots. All of those actions are vital. And usually, the people with whom you interact are very grateful for your time and effort. Let's all work to turn Texas Blue!

The week that Justice Scalia died

Last week in review

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