Donald Trump wins Nevada in Republican Caucus Democrats look to South Carolina for Match between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

There was no democratic primary on Tuesday night, instead the Republicans held a caucus in Nevada. As expected Donald Trump won by an even wider margin. Marco Rubio seems to coming in second and Ted Cruz came in third place. Republicans will continue to dominate the political news with a debate on Thursday February 25. After which, the democrats will come in focus with the South Carolina Primary on Saturday February 27.ย 


Donald Trump in his victory speech predicted that the next two months will be very good for him. He ridiculed the media, mocking the line that predicts if others drop out of the race then he would be beaten. Then he pointed out that when others drop out, he picks up some of the votes. Marco Rubio is trying to convince others like Governor Kasich to drop out. His battle with Ted Cruz virtually guaranteed that they would split the vote. The Ted Cruz camp was worried because Trump did well with evangelicals.

It is becoming clear that the Republican establishment is getting behind Marco Rubio. The desire for Rubio is to have all of the other candidates drop out. The problem for Rubio is that Ted Cruz will not drop out before March 1st. March 1st is what is known as Super Tuesday. It is super because at least 12 states will participate with primaries. This will lead to a large delegate distribution. Trump is leading in the majority of the states so will likely increase his lead to a point that getting out of the race will make sense for Kasich and Cruz to drop out. Cruz is looking to win Texas as his reason to stay in the race. He will have won two states and the Texas delegate count is big. The problem for Cruz is that the momentum is now with Trump. Cruz's third place finish may mean that he can lose Texas. If he does, then he will not have a path to victory. Trump is currently beating Rubio in the polls in Florida. The question becomes if things will change with Jeb Bush leaving the race. Even adding up the poll numbers Rubio is basically tied with Ted Cruz in Florida. If Trump beats Rubio in Florida, then the Republicans will have their nominee.

For Democrats, we just have to deal with the outlandish remarks and posturing that others will make until Saturday. Hillary Clinton has a clear lead and it will cause her to go into Super Tuesday with the momentum of having won in Nevada and South Carolina. It will not be a sweep since Vermont will go for Sanders and other states are leaning his way. As for Texas, the polls have Clinton at 54 percent. The best way to have your voice heard is to vote and vote early!

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