Election 2016 Calendar - March

March started with a bang. Super Tuesday had big winners with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominating their respective races. March has just begun and those candidate that are trailing do have chances to catch up and narrow the gap. I have provided a Calendar separating Democrats and Republicans so it will be easier to track. 

03/03 – Republican Debate

03/05 – Democrats: Kansas and Nebraska Caucuses; Louisiana Primary

03/05 – Republicans: Kansas, Kentucky and Maine Caucuses; Louisiana Primary

03/06 – Democrats: Debate and Maine Caucus

03/06 – Republicans: Puerto Rico Primary

03/08 – Democrats: Michigan and Mississippi Primaries

03/08 – Republicans: Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi Primaries; Hawaii Caucus

03/09 – Democrats: Debate

03/10 – Republicans: Debate; U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

03/12 – Democrats: Northern Mariana Islands Caucus

03/12 – Republicans: D.C and Guam conventions

03/15 – Democrats: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio Primaries

03/15 – Republicans: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio Primaries; Northern Mariana Islands

03/22 – Democrats: Arizona Primary; Idaho, and Utah Caucuses

03/22 – Republicans: American Samoa Convention, Arizona Primary; Utah Caucus

03/26 – Democrats: Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington Caucuses

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