February Newsletter

Let's be honest - I have started this newsletter several times, and I have no idea what to write about the last few weeks. Like you, I have been disheartened and angered by much of the administration's actions. Yet, I have been inspired and awestruck by the rise of the Resistance - for I guess, that is what we are - the marches being only the beginning as we challenged our representatives at town halls, on the phone, and good ole fashion mail. Some battles were lost, but we also had our victories! As we work towards our 2018 victory, we must be strategic on two fronts - the Resistance and the Bench.

In February, Katy Area Democrats will focus on the second - the Bench. In our meeting, we will discuss the role of the Precinct Chair and how it fits within the overall Party. We will also discuss the May elections for Katy I.S.D. and the City of Katy. We are inviting the progressive candidates to announce their candidacies at the meeting. Finally, we will officially launch our Canvass for Community campaign.

Katy Area Democrats will continue to support the efforts of the Resistance. As much of these calls to action are time-sensitive, please like and get notifications from the Katy Area Democrats Facebook Page, including our events.

Treasurer Needed

Due to personal reasons, our treasurer had to step down.  Katy Area Democrats is looking for a volunteer to fill these very important shoes. If you are interested or wish to learn more about the position, please email us at KatyDems@hotmail.com.

Save the Date!
Some Noteworthy Events




See what KAD members are up to!

(1) KAD member hosting a "Post Card" Party.
(2) KAD members with Jim Cargass (candidate for U.S. District 7) exercising their First Amendment Right at the Houston Resist Rally.

Send us your photos at katydems@hotmail.com.





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