Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Answer Question at Townhall

Last night showed the fiery brand that the left is known for at a Townhall hosted by MSNBC. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were asked questions from the audience. It was a nice change from the somewhat stuffy debates, yet no less intense. The crowd seem to be leaning toward Sanders supporters, so not too many tough questions were directed toward him. The tough questions came from the moderators Chuck Todd and Jose Diaz-Balart. Hillary on the other hand had the reverse. Her experience in the medium made it tough for the moderators to hit her with tough looking questions. It is not that the questions were not tough, it was the optics. The toughness came from the audience.


Sanders had to defend himself against the criticisms he has made against President Obama. Sanders had tried to get a primary challenger in 2012 to run against President Obama. He countered by saying it was a media issue and basically being complimentary of President Obama during the night. Sanders brought up race as an issue, showing that no one is questioning his citizen ship even though his father was an immigrant from Poland. Even pointing out that the color of his skin is the probable reason. When asked questions about immigration and a timetable he responded that he would not be a dictator, but would work hard to get it done. Asked about Democratic Socialism and how in the Latino community it reminds people of Venezuela and Cuba, he responded that his model is closer to Denmark and Sweden.


Clinton was asked about making the same type of statements of Bernie Sanders that she made for Barack Obama. She didn’t apologize for the statement and stated that she didn’t want to make promises that she could not keep. She stated that President Obama should nominate someone as is his constitutional duty and the Senate should vote on that confirmation. The audience was tough on Clinton. One member told her that they wanted a rebel and not a career politician. Clinton responded that Sanders has been in the Senate longer then she was a Senator and Secretary of State. Another member demanded that she release transcripts of the time she spoke in front of some big banks. She responded that all candidates have spoken in front of special interest groups, but none have released transcript. She would release them when they release them. The hardest response was when she hit Sanders for running to be the Democratic Nominee when he has always been an independent. She stated Sanders “wasn’t a Democrat until he decided to run for president”. This was met with boos from the audience and Clinton responded with “It’s true!”.

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