Hillary Clinton looking to build momentum while Bernie Sanders looks ahead to Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in South Carolina hoping to solidify a win that the polls show will be a very big win. Bernie Sanders on the other hand was in Oklahoma and Missouri today, looking past South Carolina to Super Tuesday states.


The latest poll for South Carolina had Hillary Clinton at 60 percent and Bernie Sanders at 32 percent. The 8 point difference is probably the undecided vote. With such a large lead Bernie Sanders has decided not to campaign in the state. Instead he is campaigning in states that are going to offer a caucus. Sanders is on track to win his state with such a margin that Clinton will not win any delegates. Sanders is also campaigning in states that will vote after Super Tuesday. The states also have a significantly higher proportions of white voters then the states he is not campaigning in. The math for Sanders to be the nominee is hard; however, Sanders may have a plan B. He has stated that he will continue all the way to the convention. That means even if he cannot win the nomination, he will be representing a significant number of delegates. This is a similar strategy that Ron Paul employed in the many years he ran for presidential nominee of the Republican party.

Hillary Clinton is hoping that the win in South Carolina will create a momentum that will translate into big wins on Super Tuesday. If that happens then it will be very hard to stop her momentum. The biggest factor will be the fact that Sanders does not plan to drop out even if everyone starts saying that the math is too hard. There will be two democratic debates in March, on the 6th and the 9th. If Clinton were to perform poorly and Sanders were to win a few states in between, then it may stretch the race even further.ย 

The problem both candidates are facing is the turnout. Voters are not turning out in the same numbers as they did in 2008. The road to victory for democrats have been the sheer numbers that have come out to vote for President Obama. Explanations have not been offered, though criticism from the left of President Obama cannot have helped.

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