Hillary Clinton wins big on Super Tuesday while Donald Trump scares Republicans

Hillary Clinton was the big winner on the Democratic side winning Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Arkansas. Bernie Sanders won Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Vermont. Donald Trump was the big winner on the Republican side winning Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alabama, and Arkansas. Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas, Alaska and Oklahoma. Marco Rubio won Minnesota.

The total delegate count for Hillary Clinton is 1074, meanwhile Bernie Sanders has 426. This means that Clinton is almost halfway to the number of delegates needed to be the nominee. Sanders is not entirely out of the running because there are some caucus states coming up and he has done really well in those states.ย 

Donald Trump was the biggest winner of last nights running. The party establishment does not want Marco Rubio to drop out of the race despite only winning 1 state. Ted Cruz bragged about winning four states against Donald Trump and is using this to ask other candidates to drop out. The problem is that the Republican establishment feels that Ted Cruz is just as toxic as Donald Trump. There was lots of talk about preventing Trump from winning the necessary delegates in order to force a brokered convention. Stranger things have happened (i.e. recounts anyone?), but this scenario seems very unlikely. Also, it is being talked about out in the open which will allow Trump time to come up with a way to counter it.

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