The week leading to the Texas Primary

A summary of what happened leading up to Super Tuesday.

Today is election day and I hope that you have already voted or will vote today. Voting allows us to have our voice hear. Democrats have to show up because Donald Trump is showing very strong in the polls. Predictions of his candidacy fizzling out were obviously wrong. The latest national Republican poll has him at 49 percent. I think the writing is on the wall for the other candidates. Unfortunately, Trump is the candidate that will not even condemn David Duke and the KKK until everyone is up in arms about it. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have very different strategies for winning the nomination. Clinton's relies on Super Tuesday while Sanders is looking past today. Don't forget that there are benefits to voting in the primary.
That is what happened last week. Don't forget to visit our website and check out our blog. Here are last week's blog post
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