The week that Justice Scalia died

Last week in review

What an amazing week in an amazing month. We definitely want to thank those that attended Tuesday's meeting. We had some great speakers and it was a lively event. We also had the passing of a conservative icon Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. This news sadden those in the legal field, but fired up those in politics. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Mitch McConnell all came out saying that the president should not nominate anyone as is his constitutional duty. This led to justifications of 80 years of precedent not confirming a justice. The problem was that it turned out not to be true. Post on our website and Facebook showed the lie for what it was. This led to many Republicans trying to continue to claim the same lie, but then end up proving it was a lie. 
Early voting started on Tuesday as well. Democrats do not have to wait for March 1st to vote. The primary is happening right now and I encourage you to get out the vote. A town hall was held with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders scoring political point. This all culminated with a win in Nevada for Hillary Clinton. Next up is the primary in South Carolina for Democrats. 
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Ruben Restrepo
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